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Humanitarian Aid
for the Front Line

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Through our of communication with front-line Ukrainian military units and civilian governments we receive aid requests directly and, when possible, fill them within days. Front-line military personnel is most up-to-date on civilian needs as they receive requests for medicines and other supplies, especially in areas without working phone service.


Requests are forwarded to us and we pull the supplies from our warehouse in Dnipro, request them from partner charities or purchase them if funds are available. We have several regular cars and vans which are used by volunteers to drive the supplies to the front. Through our cooperation with the military, we can access areas that are off-limits to most NGOs, as military escorts are required.



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Humanitarian Aid for Civilians

We deliver medicine, food, water and other day to day needs to civilians in areas that are cut off from supply lines. We reach civilians even in contest areas. We have delivered to areas like Slovyansk and Lysychansk, even while the cities were actively under attack by Russian troops and artillery.

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Civilian Evacuations

We evacuate Ukrainian civilians from areas that can’t be access through regular transport, especially smaller cities that are cut off from normal road access. Our 4X4 vehicles can seat up to 6 people and reach even the most remote locations.



Year Established

18,000 Kg

Humanitarian Aid Delivered


Partner Charities


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Stephan Goss
  • Instagram

Stephan is a Swiss Entrepreneur, member of YPO and Traveler. He has been in Ukraine since April delivering Humanitarian Aid all across the country.



In-Kind Donations

Through our Partner Charity www.HelpUkraine.Center we can accept In-Kind Donations. Donors ship goods to Lublin, Poland and do not have to deal with importing to Ukraine. Goods will be forwarded to Last Mile Aid Warehouses in Dnipro and we distribute from there.

Please connect with us first, not all supplies of of equal priority. We have lists of the most needed goods available. If you prefer donating In-Kind, you can order order on Amazon Europe (more price efficient than order in the US and shipping to Europe) and other sites and ship directly to our Partner Charities Warehouse Address. 

Financial Donations

Monetary Donations are highly appreciated. 

For Crypto Donations:

ETH: 0xBC0042B268715556821b296581Dc73F70944E0cb



We also support SOL, Matic etc, please ask for addresses. 

We can accept wire transfers, please connect with our team.

Delivery for Charities

If you are a Charity that has Humanitarian Aid either in Poland or in Ukraine, we can help you distribute them to where they are needed most. We can accept whole pallets or individual boxes and have enough warehousing availability to store several truckloads worth. 

Please connect with us so we can advise on the most efficient strategy.

Goods we currently need most:


Medical Supplies, especially IFAKS, Tourniquets, Bandages and other IFAK components, Starlinks,

Clothing and Safety Equipment for Soldiers and Medications.

For all of the above, Donors can designate for which purposes their funds can be used. If you want to donate Humanitarian Aid only to Civilians, we can accommodate that and are able to provide clear detail on what use your funds were put to.



Please Connect for our Warehouse Address


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